Aquamarine Silver Necklace


Known to guarantee safe voyage, to cool tempers, to help keep calm and levelheaded, the aquamarine necklace is one that can be worn every day with its modern, simple setting. The aquamarine is enclosed in silver and hangs beautifully from a sterling silver necklace. Each necklace is individually handmade by our master craftsman and all of Wue's gemstones are sourced and cut by us to guarantee its origin, authenticity and ethicality. The aquamarine is also known to be the birthstone for March, a little treasure from earth.

Measurements & Materials

Natural aquamarine from Zambia, set in a sterling silver necklace. Due to no treatment used on any of our gems, colour is natural and are unique to every stone so may vary.

Measurements: aquamarine 5mm round, +/- 0.80 carat; 40 cm in length